Freeze Dried Food for Thought ~

The meals featured on this page are created with the actual product – no substitutions have been made – that would be cheating.

(Note: a garnishment or slice of bread may have been added to compliment the meal – that’s not cheating)

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out ~ all of the prepared food pictured on this page is freeze dried food ~ no lie.

About this project

The Challenge

To photograph a popular brand of freeze-dried camping/survival food in a gourmet situation.

Use primarily white dishes. (Colored napkins OK)

With the exception of garnishments, food photographed had to be the actual freeze dried food product from the package.

Make it look incredibly appetizing.

The Solution

Yep, there is one… Just add water.

Seriously…do you really think we are going to give away our trade secret.

Interesting fact:  Most of the food photographed was taste tested by the team.

Although they enjoyed it, after awhile they just got too full to eat another bite!



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