The ART of Jewelry . . .

Judicaël is a visionary…

artist and originator


extraordinary jewelry pieces.

 The beauty of each piece lies within the intricacy of his craftsmanship and the exquisite use of the world’s finest materials.

Whether it’s hand carved from an exotic wood, designed with precision gears, or accented with mammoth tusk ivory, diamonds, and a solid 22k gold tooth, each piece in the Sacred Skull collection rivals non other.

The awe of each piece is only enhanced by the captivation of the key!

About this project…

This project involved photographing 14 distinctive handmade jewelry “ART” pieces. Each piece was captured as a feature image, than photographed on white from five different points of view.

Since all the products were made from different elements ranging from golds, silvers, and bronze to exotic woods, mammoth ivory, opal, hand carved beads, diamonds, and other precious gems ~ capturing the nuances of all these elements required us to utilize our vast knowledge and proficiency in macrophotography, lighting and intricate set design.

Basically, we pulled out all the stops on this one and had a blast doing it!

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